Varanasi is known for its ancient food culture as much as it is known for spiritual fervour. Starting from scrumptious chats and poori-bhaji to the sweet seduction of jelebi and thandai, Varanasi is a favourite place for food lovers. And is there anything that can beat the streetside samosas and kachoris of Banaras?


The streets and alleys of Varanasi are pulsating - heaving crowds, shopkeepers, saffron-clad monks, and children playing along the ghats, while on the other side, food- vendors prep up their flavourful mixes. Explore the city through lip-smacking food as our local guide takes you through a unique culinary tour of Varanasi. Walk through the roads and alleys of Varanasi and soak up the city's food culture as you enjoy kachori, jalebi, lassi, chaat, malaiyo, gol-gappe and more delicacies with this unique experience. After all, can a trip to Varanasi be complete without savouring the city's culinary treats!