Experience the traditional mehendi art in Varanasi during your stay with us!

Mehendi is a form of temporary body art that has been practiced in India using henna since ancient times. Described as one of the key aesthetics of solah shringar, or the “16 adornments,” the tradition of mehendi in Varanasi goes way back. The women would gather and apply mehndi on each other's hands while humming folk songs - it was their break from the mundane, and a way to bring beauty and joy into their lives.

A key thing to do in Varanasi, the mehendi-art experience is both delightful and amusing. During 'Mehendi Evenings' at our hotel in Varanasi,  the Mehendi artist will choose unique designs to create beautiful henna-art on your hands and feet. Getting a mehndi design tattooed during your visit to Varanasi is a unique cultural experience - the art might fade away when you reach home, but its memory will last long after.