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Dharamshala serves as an elixir for mind, body and soul. Lying in the embrace of majestic Himalayan mountains, its unparalleled natural beauty found in its cascading waterfalls, bountiful forests and snow-capped peaks makes it an attraction for one and all. The beautiful hill town caters to every kind of traveller, may you be a thrill seeker, are looking for some peace and quietude or are just deeply in love with the healing power of nature.

Home to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and a peaceful Tibetan community, you will experience accents of the culture in every corner. From vibrant souvenirs in bustling markets to devouring soulful flavours of their cuisine, momos and thukpa being favourites, it is also a great place to learn about the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.

The Dhauladhar ranges captivate, as you can set your eyes on their impactful presence from almost everywhere in the hilltown, and also serve as a great trekking landscape. Avenues for yoga and meditation can be found in immersive retreats. To get an insight into Buddhism and Tibetan culture or simply experience a calm like no other, a visit to the many monasteries around town is a must.