Kaashi Wellness Spa – Holistic well-being inspired by Vedas

Kaashi Wellness Spa at BrijRama Palace is responsible for adding a luxurious spa factor to your stay in Varanasi. At our signature spa, you have an entire bouquet of standard wellness treatments and programmes to choose from. Our inspiration for the same comes from the ancient Vedic scriptures. At Kaashi, we base these treatments on the underlying principle of not just serving the body, but also the mind and the soul. Experience rejuvenating therapies dedicated to beauty, relaxation, and anti-ageing along with tested dietary programmes, yoga and meditation routines, and retail products. You may also opt for our Ayurvedic treatments that include facial and body therapies as well as the Shirodhara treatment, a certified combination of popular treatments, at the best spa in Varanasi.

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Imbibed with the wisdom of Ayurveda, our dietary programmes are based on Sattvik (plant & milk-based) nutrition, while taking into account individual health and body types. Our meticulously designed yoga and meditation programmes include several routines, customized to meet individual goals, focused on balancing bodily bio-elements and relaxing the mind and body. In our retail section, we offer ‘Kaashi Potlis’ – little cloth bags filled with select organic ingredients for treating ailments and lifestyle disorders along with a diverse range of other natural healthcare products.

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