Experiences & activities at Brij Villa

Culinary experiences

  • Himachali Chuk cookery session: A regional speciality, Himachali Chuk is a fiery hot chutney made with sundried chillies that complements everything from home-cooked dal chawal to flatbreads. Learn the art of making traditional Himachali Chuk with a guided recipe demonstration by our culinary expert at Brij Villa. Savour the taste and then bottle some to take back and share with your folks at home.

Meal experience at the garden area

  • Learn traditional Himachali recipes: Himachali or Pahari cuisine is delicate yet flavourful with the dominant use of yoghurt and cardamom. The cuisine is largely influenced by Punjabi and Tibetan flavours. Enjoy an interesting cookery session with our culinary expert and learn the step-by-step preparation of select traditional recipes.
  • High tea at Brij Villa: Evening tea allows the perfect time to pause and savour the moment. At Brij Villa, evening high tea is indulgent with hot and cold snacks prepared a la minute and freshly brewed hot beverages. your favourite hot beverage as you enjoy endless conversations with family and friends against the backdrop of a swiftly changing evening sky.

Scenic views of Dalhousie 1

City explorations

  • Guided city tour: Set on foot for a guided tour of the picturesque Dalhousie town. Explore the local markets, popular eateries, shopping and much more. 

Wellness experiences

  • Yoga: The welcoming garden at Brij Villa is ideal for early morning yoga. Stretch and align your chakras for an active day of indulgence ahead. Yoga mats are available for your use. Please contact Front Desk.
  • Ayurvedic herbal oil preparation: Himalayas are home to numerous plant species that hold immense medicinal value. Meet an Ayurvedic expert at Brij Villa, and learn the science of preparing herb-infused oils to suit your health needs.

03. Pine Garden
17.Dainkund Trek

Active experiences

  • Trek & picnic at Dainkund Peak: One of the highest points in the Dalhousie area, the 360-degree mesmerising valley views from Dainkund peak will you in awe. The towering Deodar trees, calm forests, colourful flowers, and plush green valley makes this a picture-perfect location. To elevate the ecstatic experience, the guided trek is followed by a specially curated alfresco picnic lunch.

  • Boating & picnic at Chamera Lake: Picturesque and captivating, the Chamera Lake in Dalhousie is a must-visit. It is a popular picnic spot and boating location. One can explore the lake on a speed boat or a rowboat and indulge in activities like kayaking & canoeing. Picnic by the lake is a surreal experience, best enjoyed in the company of loved ones.
  • Nature walks: Enjoy calming and relaxing walks through the surrounding lush fields and mighty woods. It is a soul-satisfying experience to wander off into the beauty of nature. The arching trees and the sweet chirping of the birds make the experience surreal. 

Artful experiences

  • Wood painting: The guest should be able to indulge in the famous wood painting art of Dalhousie and make their own personal memento. 

The famous wood painting art of Dalhousie


  • Spend some quality time with your loved ones around our bonfire in Dalhousie to warm up in the chilly weather. Create memories, experience intimate moments and relax.

Nature walk

  • Enjoy a calming and relaxing walk through the surrounding lush fields and mighty trees. Experience Mother Nature as her raw self while staying at one of the best heritage hotels in Dalhousie.

Experiential Dining

BBQ nights at The Garden

With a blanket of the star-studded sky above, enjoy an alfresco BBQ evening with your friends and family at Brij Villa. The team will wow you with an inviting set-up and an array of delectable bar-be-cue preparations while you enjoy the pleasure of the moment with a warm bonfire, the choicest beverages and the company of your favourite people by your side.

For the bookworms

The Reading Room at Brij Villa is the perfect space for book lovers to curl up with their favourite reads. Do not forget to grab a cup of your favourite beverage and some munchies before you pick a seat and be lost in the pleasure of composed reading.

Enjoy a relaxed time at the Lounge