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A weekend getaway in Jawai

The culture of short getaways and the population of hodophiles have seen quite a rise in the last few years. As a long weekend approaches, travellers start planning visits to nearby places to give themselves a respite from their daily lives. If you stay in the regal state of Rajasthan, we have just the right places for the ultimate weekend getaway.

Crowned as the bejewelling state of royal forts and palaces, Rajasthan is part of the Golden Triangle of India. The three cities that make up the triangle are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. They have earned this distinction owing to their rich history, grandeur, heritage and glory. International visitors travelling to India never fail to make a halt in Rajasthan and witness the magnificence of its towns and cities. If you wish to take a break and visit one of the weekend getaways near Jaipur, then consider the unconventional landmarks - Jawai Bandh and Raipur.

The abode of Indian leopards - Jawai Bandh

The nesting ground of the royal Indian leopards and several other species of flora and fauna, Jawai Bandh is a dam that was built across River Jawai in the district of Pali. One of the largest dams in western Rajasthan, it is the primary source of water for the inhabitants of Jodhpur. Dotted with lush greenery and an abundance of rich verdure, Jawai Bandh is a favourite destination amongst naturalists and wildlife aficionados and makes for one of the best weekend getaways near Jodhpur.

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The most intriguing factor of this weekend getaway is the dwelling of the Indian leopards. The leopards and the natives of the land share a deep connection and live in harmony with each other. Although carnivores, the big cats have never hurt or caused any disturbance to the lives of the people. Devoid of leopard attacks, the local tribe - the Rabari, worship these creatures and sees them as guards. Spotting these big cats is one of the reasons why people love adding Jawai Bandh to their list of weekend getaways near Udaipur. Other animals that reside here include hyenas, nilgai, jungle cats, sloth bears, white foxes, crocodiles, and a myriad of migratory birds including spotbill duck, bar-headed geese, flamingos and demoiselle cranes.

Apart from the abundant wildlife, Jawai Bandh is glorified by its granite hills and blissful nature. Being encapsulated in the tranquil surroundings and enjoying the unperturbed sunrises and sunsets can truly be refreshing. It is also home to the renowned Dev Giri Temple, which was established to worship the local goddess Ashapura Mataji. The architectural design of the temple is something to experience, credit to its quixotic nature. So take a chance and explore the majestic Jawai Bandh!

Several lavish accommodations have also sprung up here to give tourists a place to relax and unwind. Brij Pola, Jawai, Rajasthan is one such resort that offers cosy lodges amid the wild. The resort also curates safaris, enabling guests to explore the depths of the forest and interact with animals in their natural habitat.

idol of Ganesha

The proud parent of Ganesha temple - Raipur

Raipur is a quaint village in the district of Pali on the banks of River Luni. Despite its size, it is amongst the best weekend getaways near Jaipur owing to its many attractions. The most famous location that glorifies Raipur is the crowned Ganesha Temple. It is a Hindu temple that attracts worshippers who come here to pay their respects to the deity and seek blessings in return. It is a quiet shrine, surrounded by trees and the chirping birds, which overall create a calming atmosphere.

Rajasthan celebrates the significance of history through the establishment and preservation of forts and palaces. Fort Raipur is a testament to ancient architectural grandeur that oozes the heritage and culture of the place. The fort is surrounded by lush greenery and soothing nature. If you are planning a restful stay at one of the top resorts in Raipur, Brij Lakshman Sagar, you can reach the fort in a matter of minutes. They are separated by a distance of 7 km. The ride from the resort to the fort is quite bracing. Explorers are greeted with dense trees and verdure on either side of the road. The occasional spotting of exotic birds and animals is quite plausible. So do not forget to carry your cameras! The forests also have several trekking trails for adventure seekers who wish to take the road less travelled and unravel unique spots and lesser-known gems. Book our next stay with us at Brij and experience the perfect weekend getaway!