Offbeat places in Rajasthan

In terms of area, Rajasthan is the largest state in India. So there are bound to be a lot of interesting and unusual places here apart from the usual popular destinations that everybody goes to see. Here are some offbeat places in Rajasthan that we at Brij Hotels think are must-visit places on your next getaway.

Sawai Madhopur

Named after Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur, the town of Sawai Madhopur is our first offbeat destination in Rajasthan. It is famous for Ranthambore National Park, which is home to one of the largest populations of Royal Bengal Tigers - India's national animal - in the world. Go on a safari and try your luck at spotting these magnificent creatures.

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Kumbalgarh Fort

Welcome to Kumbalgarh Fort, the second-largest of its kind in India. Second only to Chittorgarh Fort, this fort is over 500 years old and was protected from wave after wave of invasions by the longest wall in India. It was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2013 and is the perfect destination if you were looking for offbeat places near Udaipur.

Mount Abu

Rajasthan is famous for being home to Thar desert and a lot of forts. Sticking out like a sore thumb(or a splash of green respite in a sea of dreary brown) is the next item on our list of offbeat places in Rajasthan, Mount Abu, the only hill station in India's largest state. There are a number of Hindu and Jain temples near the mountain, for the more religiously inclined visitors.

offbeat places in rajasthan

Om Banna

On this site, two hours away from Brij Lakshman Sagar, the son of a local leader died in a tragic motorbike accident in 1988. The motorbike kept mysteriously reappearing at the site of the accident despite multiple attempts by the police to secure it in the police station premises. The story spread like wildfire, the police gave up trying to secure the vehicle, and the site is now a shrine to Om Banna, the patron saint of road travelers. It is one of the best Rajasthan offbeat places to visit.


The next offbeat destination in Rajasthan on our list is the quaint town of Jawai. Guests at Brij Pola, Jawai have a plethora of things to do during their stay like spotting leopards on a guided safari, visiting the stunning Jawai Bandh dam to spot crocodiles and various migratory birds, trekking at the nearby hills, and much more.

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There are a lot more offbeat places in Rajasthan. Other such unconventional, hidden gems include Barmer, Nahargarh, Bundi, Kuldhara, Alsisar. Come stay at Brij Lakshman Sagar and explore all these fantastic places and many more.