Experiences at BrijJawai, Rajasthan

Sunset on the Rocks - High Tea

Explore life the Brij way with beautiful sunsets and evening tea that expose you to the culture of the land during your tent stay in Rajasthan

Excursion 2
Experiences at BrijJawai

Morning Leopard Safari Followed by a Scenic Breakfast

Explore and experience wilderness like never before. Follow it up with a carefully curated breakfast while basking in nature

In Villa BBQ Dinner

Let the knowledge of the Indigenous Rabari Tribe guide you in Jawai. Witness their skills and cultural know-how through a village bbq dinner.

Rabari Tribe
BrijJawai Pool 3

Folk Music & Dinner Under the Stars

Bask in the culutre and tradition of Jawai as the locals put up an entertaining show. Meanwhile enjoy a professionally made three-course dinner under the skies.

Breakfast with Peacocks

Enjoy the first meal of your day amidst the presence of India's national bird- the colourful and mesmerising peacock, only at BrijJawai

Excursion 3
Dining 5

Lunch on the Shepherd's Farm

Enjoy a native meal at one of the nearby farms owned by the local rabari tribe and experience their culture from up-close