Experiences in Jawai

Our experiences at Brij Pola, Jawai are meticulously planned to help you familiarize yourself with the local culture and environment. Everything we offer has been conceptualized with our local experts and designed to have you learn a little something while enjoying yourself.

Morning safari

Wake up with the animals, and head out to catch the morning activity in the forest. Steaming hot chai and coffee will keep you alert, and help you catch the nuances of the small creates and the sights of the big cats (if you’re lucky).

Morning Safari offered as part of experiences at Brij Pola, Jawai
Dreamy Dam breakfast offered as part of experiences at Brij Pola, Jawai

Dreamy dam breakfast

The Jawai dam is one of its greatest gems. Look out into the endless horizon, dotted with crocodiles, flamingos and other local birds, while enjoying a delicious, hot breakfast, customized to your preferences.  

Breakfast with peacocks

Join an ostentation of peacocks for breakfast by Pola cave located at the edge of the Hotel. Bask in the sun and revel in the tinkle of morning birdsong while you indulge in a menu served to order.  

Breakfast with Peacocks offered as part of experiences at Brij Pola, Jawai
Indulge in activities in the nearby villages of Brij Pola, Jawai

Village activities

The local people of Bera inspire us, and we are grateful for their natural knowledge and many talents. Our village experiences seek to give our guests a sense of everyday life in the village. Lunch at a villager’s home is a memorable experience, and the meal is made up of fresh, local produce, cooked and served to you under a thatched roof outdoors.  

You will also have a chance to observe the traditional practice of milk churning, and cow milking, if you wish. Besides being a rich culinary experience, this is also a wonderful time to ask the community questions about the area, traditions, and wildlife.

Jawai lunch

Enjoy a succulent thaali lunch that bursts with local flavor and organic ingredients. Everything from your tablecloth to the flowers by your side to the sweet desert is sourced from the region.

Have traditional lunch at Brij Pola, Jawai
Adventure drive offered as part of experiences at Brij Pola, Jawai

Adventure drive

If you’re a thrill seeker, this adventure drive calls your name. Our expert naturalist and pro driver, native to the region, will smoothly drive you up a boulder, and show you one of the greatest views of the forest in the course of this safari near Udaipur. It’s the best, free roller coaster ride. On the way you’ll pass on of Jawai’s ancient temple that has tremendous stories attached to it including how it served as a key hideout for rulers during times of strife. Brij Pola is one of the best wildlife resorts Rajasthan houses, that specially curates thrilling activities.

Sunset safari

Evening safaris catch the beginning of the day for nocturnal creatures, which includes the leopard. Our naturalists guide you through the forest, following the subtle communication of birds and other animals. To catch the divine, changing light of the dying sun we perch the jeep on a known cliff in the Sena, and offer you tea, coffee and homemade snacks.

Sunset Safari offered as part of experiences at Brij Pola, Jawai
Dinner Under the Stars offered as part of experiences at Brij Pola, Jawai

Dinner under the stars

For most urbanites, star filled skies are a rare treat. Enjoy a succulent barbecue under a glowing moon and a table aglow with candles. Learn about constellations from our naturalist who will point you to a subtle lion in the sky, or a planet that’s closer than you imagined. The menu can be customized to suit your dietary preferences.

Private BBQ in tent

Enjoy our grilled meats and vegetables in the privacy of your own tent. Ideal for a romantic dinner or special occasion.

Private BBQ in Tent offered as part of experiences at Brij Pola, Jawai