Experiential Dining at BrijRama Palace

We at BrijRama Palace are here, at your service, to ensure a special stay in Varanasi. Private dining facilities amongst the several kinds of unique experiences are dedicated to this purpose.

We make humble attempts to enrich your time with us at BrijRama Palace and these attempts have thereby extended into dining experiences as well. Allow us to immerse you in the culture and heritage of Varanasi through the following experiential dining options:

Udayan Terrace- A Royal Affair

Your visit to BrijRama must include a trip to our picturesque terrace, Udayan, where you can lay back and enjoy your favourite dishes while soaking in the beautiful views of the city and the ghats. Moreover, Udayan is also the epicentre where we host a myriad of traditional and cultural events such as live dance performances. During the winter, we even arrange a private coal barbeque at the terrace for our guests.

31. Terrace Dining
32. Boat Dining 3

River Boat Dining

Opt in for the boat dinner in Varanasi, to indulge in a unique culinary experience, in the middle of the great river, Ganga. This signature Brij activity is treasured by those who seek to carry out ordinary tasks in an extraordinary setting. Treat your taste buds to the most divine flavours curated by our chefs, as you cruise down the river amidst the bright lights of the ghats.

Breakfast at Assi Ghat

Begin your day with an auspicious trip to Assi Ghat. As the sun climbs up the horizon and its golden rays reflect on the river, one cannot help but be smitten by the absolute beauty of nature. The tranquil and peaceful sunrise marks the beginning of a busy day on Assi Ghat. The trip ends with a delectable spread of native dishes served for breakfast. Immerse in the rich flavours as we take you through the pages of the historic tales associated with the city.

22. Sunrise view from 3rd floor Terrace 1
Terrace 10

Dinner at Dashashwamedh Ghat

Yet another rare and unparalleled experience offered at BrijRama is dining in Varanasi while floating on the river Ganges in the middle of Dashashwamedh Ghat. At BrijRama we facilitate this experience by providing our own boats and food specially prepared by our in-house chefs. The name Dashashwamedh has a mythological relevance. It indicates that Brahma sacrificed (medh) 10 (das) horses (ashwas) at this Ghat. After the arti you can enjoy a regal vegetarian dinner that features diverse mouth-watering delicacies.