Luxury Tents with plunge pool

If tenting means a brightly coloured dome of Nylon, supported by poles with cramped space and limited facilities, to you, then you are in for an absolute treat! Redefining luxury the Brij way, our Luxury Tents in Jawai span over 2500 sq. ft. and are bustling with top-of-the-line amenities and statement decor. Overlooking the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan, the tents are carefully designed to grace you with the delicate balance of living in an open environment. Feel every throb of mother nature, amidst all the luxuries that high-end life demands.

The Luxury Tents are equipped with large sit-outs, open-sky shower cubicles, a single stone carved bathtub offering a view of the mountains, and separate sitting and living areas giving you the perfect setting for some comfort and luxury. The sit-out areas can be used to lounge about reading a book, soak in the natural surroundings, dining or a personalized live barbeque evening, making it one of the best hotels in Rajasthan

  • Heat and fire-resistant material
  • 25 ft. high ceiling
  • 4 alfresco areas overlooking the 4 cardinal directions, offering views of the sunrise, sunset, Jawai Hills, hotel grounds and the village in the distance
  • Six fixture bathroom with dual washbasins and a bathtub carved locally out of a single rock, adding an earthy feel to the space
  • Natural light coming in from the floor-to-ceiling French doors and windows, for a bright atmosphere
  • The bathroom has an additional open-sky shower area lined with slate, apart from an indoor shower cubicle
  • Breakfast, lunch, high tea, barbeque, dinner, and guided safari tours accompanied by a naturalist.