Experiences at BrijRama

Subah-E-Benaras experience

Early morning boat-ride across the Ganges. Spell bounding water sound, chants and temple bells starts for a soulful day. Calming water works as a soul cleanser as you discover the beauty of the morning sun. As Varanasi is known for its beautiful and peaceful mornings, we have a special sight-seeing trip to Assi Ghat. During the trip, you can watch the beautiful sunrise as the ghats come to life. The river shimmers golden in the morning, an experience that you will remember forever.

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Evening Aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat

Evening Ganga arti at Dashwamedh Ghat

Dashashwamedh Ghat is a must-visit attraction. It has been named after a special horse ritual that was performed by Lord Brahma in front of a sacred fire. According to Hindu mythology, the ghat was created by Lord Brahma to welcome Lord Shiva. The oldest and holiest place in Varanasi, Dashashwamedh Ghat is known for its famous Ganga aarti. Lose yourself to the special Ganga aarti that is performed daily at dusk. Several priests perform the Ganga aarti along with bhajans and offerings to the holy river. Special aartis are held on Tuesday and also at religious festivals. The aarti starts soon after sunset and lasts for 45 minutes. Hundreds of people from all over the world gather to catch a glimpse of Ganga Aarti. Varanasi's Ganga Aarti is a visual treat - an activity that has been carried out every day for ages. At BrijRama, a palace hotel in Varanasi, we arrange shared evening boat cruises for all guests to witness the enchanting and mesmerizing Ganga Aarti.

Yoga at sunrise

Guests at BrijRama Palace, Varanasi, can experience the beautiful sunrise of Varanasi along with yoga at the Udayan (rooftop terrace). BrijRama Palace, the riverfront retreat in Varanasi with palatial aagans and beautiful open spaces, is a delightful place to relax and be well. Let go of the stress and learn new techniques to improve your daily wellbeing; train under the guidance of seasoned yoga instructors at the rooftop terrace that looks out to a breathtaking view of the Ganges. Soothe your body, mind and soul with mindful meditation and Yoga. Whether it is a weekend stay or a long retreat, with Yoga, facilities for diet-specific cuisines for Yoga practitioners and stunning backdrops, expect your time at our hotel in Varanasi to be memorable.

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Flute session at The Angan

Wake up to mesmerising notes of the flute that is played in the Bada Angan as you enjoy the blissful morning air. Enjoy classical music as the maharajas did during your stay at our hotel in Varanasi. Bansuri, integral to Hindustani classical music, is revered as Lord Krishna's divine instrument. It is one of the oldest instruments known to mankind. Listen to the soulful tones of the bansuri played by musicians of Banaras, and immerse yourself in the harmony and melody that inundate the palace. The notes of Indian classical flute music is enchanting - it has passion and expression; it blends the soul in euphony. Revel in a delightful musical journey every morning as you stay at BrijRama Palace, and experience Varanasi in a unique and unforgettable way!

Mehendi in the afternoon

Experience the traditional mehendi art in Varanasi during your stay with us! Mehendi is a form of temporary body art that has been practiced in India using henna since ancient times. Described as one of the key aesthetics of solah shringar, or the “16 adornments,” the tradition of mehendi in Varanasi goes way back. The women would gather and apply mehndi on each other's hands while humming folk songs - it was their break from the mundane, and a way to bring beauty and joy into their lives. A key thing to do in Varanasi, the mehendi-art experience is both delightful and amusing. During 'Mehendi Evenings' at our hotel in Varanasi, the Mehendi artist will choose unique designs to create beautiful henna-art on your hands and feet. Getting a mehndi design tattooed during your visit to Varanasi is a unique cultural experience - the art might fade away when you reach home, but its memory will last long after.

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Brij Hotels - an image of a sunset from a rooftop of the palace

High tea at terrace

Enjoy a tête-à-tête with your loved ones as you sit for a high-tea at the terrace or Darbhanga. No luxury holiday can be complete without the experience of a high tea. This holds especially true when you are staying in a palace hotel in Varanasi. We at the BrijRama Palace, Varanasi, make sure to give you an experience of the luxurious life that the maharajas lived and the elite traditions that they followed. For the high-tea experience at our hotel in Varanasi, we offer a menu of assorted tea and hearty dishes like savoury pastries, finger sandwiches, scones and, desserts. Served on a terrace laced in regal decor and an enchanting view of the Ganges, this high-tea experience in Varanasi is a complete treat.

Live classical music

At BrijRama Palace, we offer you the experience of live classical music every morning and evening. Listen to musicians and artists playing soulful music across the atrium and watch dance perform traditional dancers along with it at the bada angan of our hotel in Varanasi. India has a strong heritage of classical dance and music. The classical dance forms are known to be a mystical experience and music is considered a medium of connection to the higher self. Immerse yourself in the city’s transcendental mood with this unique experience in Varanasi. Discover the artists who bring to life the mysticism that is embodied in Hindustani music and mudras. You can also request the musicians to play special compositions.

Classical evening at Central Courtyard
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Escorted temple tour

Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world, is also known as the 'city of temples.' Its mysterious ghats and archaic temples render spiritual moments and a unique picture of India. As such, a temple tour of Varanasi is a must when you are visiting the city. Tara Bari, Durga Bari, Shiv Shiva Kali Temple, Tilbhandeshwar Temple, Kedareshwar Temple, Chintamani Ganesh, Chausatti Temple ( Chausath Yogini), Lahiri Mahasaya Ashram, Kashi Ka Koteshwar Mandir - Varanasi is home to these and a number of other temples, some of which dates back to centuries. Visit these and more without any hassle with this well planned and guided temple tour in Varanasi.

Varanasi city tour

Banaras Hindu University, nestled amidst acres of lush greenery, is a central part of the city's identity. Bharat Kala Bhawan at Varanasi is where you can explore the rich art and culture of Banaras. The local shopping market is always bursting with colours and energy - a place where you can pick Banarasi Sarees, juttis, knick-knacks and handmade artefacts by skilled craftsmen. Durga Mata Mandir, Sankat Mochan Temple, Tulsi Manas Temple are some of the most famous temples of Varanasi. Visit all these and more with our guided city tour in Varanasi with our local guides as you stay at BrijRama Palace. Explore famous places and little known alleyways, ghats and riversides, marketplace and many other places with this guided Varanasi City Tour during your stay at BrijRama palace, Varanasi.

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Sarnath tour

Sarnath is a Buddhist centre of religion. Located about 9.5 km from Brij Rama Palace, our hotel in Varanasi, this was the place where Buddha chose to deliver his first sermon. The celebrated Mantra, ‘Buddham Sharanam Gachhami’, owes its origin to Sarnath. On the day before his death, Buddha included Sarnath along with Lumbini, Bodh Gaya and Kushinagar as the four places he thought to be sacred to his followers. It makes Sarnath one of the most venerated Buddhist places. Sarnath is one of the most important pilgrimage places near Varanasi. Besides Buddhism, Sarnath is also connected with Jainism.

Culinary tour in Varanasi

Varanasi is known for its ancient food culture as much as it is known for spiritual fervour. Starting from scrumptious chats and poori-bhaji to the sweet seduction of jelebi and thandai, Varanasi is a favourite place for food lovers. And is there anything that can beat the streetside samosas and kachoris of Banaras? The streets and alleys of Varanasi are pulsating - heaving crowds, shopkeepers, saffron-clad monks, and children playing along the ghats, while on the other side, food- vendors prep up their flavourful mixes. Explore the city through lip-smacking food as our local guide takes you through a unique culinary tour of Varanasi. Walk through the roads and alleys of Varanasi and soak up the city's food culture as you enjoy kachori, jalebi, lassi, chaat, malaiyo, gol-gappe and more delicacies with this unique experience. After all, can a trip to Varanasi be complete without savouring the city's culinary treats!

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a person knitting cotton in a loom

Weaver's district tour

Walk through the weavers district of Varanasi and learn about the life of the weavers and the process of hand weaving of the famous silk brocades and Banarasi sari. You will visit few private residences of the weavers and get an opportunity to interact with them directly. We take you walking around through the weavers community where you visit some of the private residence of the weavers and learn the art. Banaras’s handloom weaving traditions have found mention in Vedic and Buddhist literature. The transition from cotton to silk occurred around the 14th century, with Persian inspired motifs, such as the ‘Paisley’, ‘Jhallar’ and the ‘Namavali’ becoming staples in the weaves.