Rituals at Kashvishwanath Temple

Thousands of people from across the world throng theKashi Vishwanath Temple every day, some for 'darshan' and some to perform or take part in the important rituals that take place every day. Among the important rituals that Kashvishwanath Temple is known for are Rudrabhishek, Tripandi Sharadh, and Aarti.

Every day, the Mangala Aarti takes place from 3 am to 4 am, Bhoga Aarti takes place from 11.15 am to 12.20 am, the Sandhya Aarti: 7.00 pm to 8.15 pm, the Shringara Aarti takes place from 9.00 pm to 10:15 pm, and Shayana Aarti takes place at 10.30 pm and ends at 11.00 pm. From arranging transportation at the wee hours of the day to booking a slot for a hassle-free ritual, BrijRama Palace, Varanasi, makes sure that you have a cherish worthy experience.